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Sharon L. Boynton. Artist

My visual guide to make art is nature in all its forms and energy guises: earth, light, color, wind, and transformation. Each step along the creative path reveals a new insight to itself. This journey brought me to a place called Omaha and an art form called metal sculpture. I work at the Metro Community College Weld Lab, cutting and welding steel into sculpture.

Metal has great integrity and I add depth to the surface with paint and transparent patinas. I incorporate fused glass, enamel, wood and found objects into my work. The qualities of these materials add depth and light, creating a unique juxtaposition to the steel.


My artwork has been displayed in regional galleries, shops and art fairs. Events in which I have exhibited include Artistree Exhibit at the Joslyn, Garden Art Exhibit at Lauritzen Gardens, Art Unlocked and the Women Who Weld Show.

For showings or inquiries about custom artwork please contact me.

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